Burial at Sea – Ash Scattering
A Beautiful Farwell

California Sea Burial – The California Way

Increasingly families are selecting burial at sea as it’s benefits are becoming more commonly know. It provides a beautiful and healing method of remembrance and celbration of life, facilitates closure and is ecconomical.

Some of our more commonly selected cities to provide sea burial services to are San Diego, Newport Beach, Long Beach and Dana Point.

We can provide services at many locations on the coast of California. We do not just hire a boat but provide a complete package of service. some of these services many include legal permitting, catering and bar service, memorial certificate. Guest registry in various forms, flowers and clergy of many denomonations.

The sea burial experience is one of closure, release and healing. If you speak to people that have attended an ash scattering on the ocean, their experience is always very positive. It is not difficult to understand why being on the ocean is uplifting to the soul.

The Sea Burial Experience

The Flag Story – Reunion at Sea

This occurred many years ago was when we first got started with the burial at sea. To set the scene,  three people boarded the yacht a brother and his two sisters. They were planning to scatter the cremains of the fourth sister who had recently passed. One of the sisters had no been spoken to by her other two sibling for 20 years!

As we prepared to get underway one of the siblings was at the back of the yacht – chain smoking, the other was up front on the bow hyperventilating and the brother was putting up a new flag at the top of the boat. When it was time to prepare the cremains with rose petals, we needed to get them all together to help.

Anyway, the charter proceeds and by the time we get back to shore the family is hugging and kissing (reunited again). The brother ends up purchasing the flag off the boat for this sister which he had not spoke to in 20 years.

A year passes and we get a call for the bother thanking us for getting the family together and letting us know that his sister had passed. 

Gray Whale Breaching

The Marine Biologist – Goodbye Friend

We had arrived at the appropriate point to perform the burial at sea with a full boat of people, however we had to wait.

Even though we were 3 months past whale season, three whale appeared by the boat. We watched them for several minutes before they disappeared and then we continued with the service. A final goodbye!   A fitting experience for a marine biologist.

The Shaman Story – Welcome Home

For this trip there were 4 people on one of our smaller  yachts and several other people on the shore watching. All were native Americans and the person who passed was a revered shaman. There was sage incense burning and prayers were being said.

All of a sudden there were several dolphins that began circling the boat to the delight of all.

Native Shaman story for scattering at sea