Cremation Services

We are the only sea burial company we are aware of the has a full service mortuary business offering cremation services through our sister company. This allows us to offer our families service of both companies and make the whole funeral experience a bit easier.

Full Funeral Home Services are Available

Funerals Your Way - Full funeral and cremation Services

Funerals Your Way (FD: 2188) is a state of California licensed funeral home. Our home location is in San Diego, however we are able to offer cremation services in several counties.

Address: 4858 Mercury St. Suite 102   San Diego, CA 92111

Phone: 619-550-7807

Funerals Your Way – Basic Cremation Service Pkg – Only $895

It includes everything you need to attend to the physical remains of your loved one. 

Coordination with doctor, hospital and/or Medical Examiner ♥ Taking deceased into our care ♥ Climate controlled holding area ♥ Filing legal paperwork ♥ Transfer to crematory ♥ Basic container for cremation ♥ Individual cremation ♥ Container for cremains ♥ Disposition permit (1) ♥ Released to family ♥ Notify social Security  ♥ Plant a tree in honor of deceased

One Call Does It All

After Cremation Services are Complete

It generally takes a few day to a couple weeks after passing for the cremation to be completed. The major delay factor is often having the doctor supply causes of death and having the doctor sign off on the death certificate.

Once this certificate has been OK’ed by the doctor and registered with the state,  we can proceed with the actual cremation.

After cremation we can arrange to have the cremains on the yacht for your scattering at sea service, we can mail you the cremains or the family can pick them up from the crematory.

On occasion addition services may be requested in addition to the cremation service, such as witness cremation, obtaining a fingerprint or a locket of hair. We can also assist you with these.