California Sea Burial – Gallery

A very important aspect of the sea burial services is the beauty found being on the ocean. It is much easier to have your spirit uplifted in such a setting. We have been performing sea burials for many years we have accumulated a lot of pictures of the events, biodegradable urns and unique and special events that happen during charters. The following is a small sampling – Enjoy the pictures!

Flowers and Wreath in the Ocean

Lots of  floawers are a trademark of a sea burial. This shows a wreath in the ocean with rose petals of various colors trailing off into the distance.  The flowers create a lovely scene as they float in the ocean current. Having rose petals for everyone on the boat allows everyone to join in and participate.

Going to the ocean with yacht flag - San Diego in background

This was taken from the aft of the yacht as we were heading to to the ocean for a sea burial. The city is in the background as the american flag waves before us.

Rose petals floating on the ocean

Lots of rose petals are always used on the burial at sea – ash scatterings. They create a lovely scene as they float in the ocean current. It always allows everyone on the yacht to participate in the service by througing in petals.

Dolphins Joining us for a Burial at Sea Service

Wreaths are often placed in the ocean during a sea burial. They need to be completely biodegradable. Wreaths can be make from a variety of flowers and help create a focal point as the cremains disperse.

Dolphins Joining us for a Burial at Sea Service great burial at sea pictures

Dolphins as well as various wildlife commonly come and join us during a burial at sea service. Dolphins are very curious creatures and like to investigate, additionally we even get a whale once in a while visit us.

Sea Shells and Wreaths for Sea Scattering

Sea shells with a message written on them to the deceased loved one may be placed in the water. This symbolism provides a wonderful vehicle for release of emotion and healing.

Returning to port fro a burial at sea with the flag in the foreground and a military ship in the background

This was a great shot taken which returning to port from a burial at sea off of Point Loma. The flag flying the foreground and a military ship in the background are a nice paring. Before a scattering at sea we often arrange military honors for the veteran.

Flag being folded before sea burial

Military honors can be arranged for a sea bural and is a very important part of a veteran interment. It may be conducted on the boat or at alocation new the departure point.

Bait barge with sea lions

The urn has been filled with rose petals and the cremains. White roses will be given to each family member on board to place in the water during the sea burial.

Sunset at Point Loma after a sea burial one of our favorite burial at sea pictures

The setting sun creates a magical atmosphere on the ocean. Being on the water on such evening are one of the things make sea burial experiences truly memorable and peaceful.

Burial at sea at sunset - Peaceful and Calm

Burials at sea in the evening as the sun is setting or in the morning with a sunrise are particularly spectacular. You may select anytime for you event however some families do select these times.

Sunset near Point Loma after a scattering at sea

This sunset off of Point Loma is spectacular and some families decide to have their scattering event at sunset

Biodegradable Sea Turtle with Cremains

Many times we use biodegradable urns for burial at sea like this biodegradable turtle. Urns come in all shapes, sizes and are made of various products such as paper, gelatin, salt etc.. They are used to keep the cremains together when scattering as perhaps the family do not wish to view the cremains disperse.

Biodegradable Turtle for burial at sea service

A burial at sea family sends out a biodegradable sea turtle into the ocean as the sun sets over San Diego Bay. The turtle floats for a while and then sink beneath the waves.

Burial at sea at sunset - Peaceful and Calm

The turtle is by far our most popular biodegradable urn for sea burials. As you can see some families decorate it and write message to their loved one. This turtle is also wearing a lei. 

Sunset near Point Loma after a scattering at sea

This is another type of biodegradable urn for sea burial. As well there are plenty of rose petals to be placed in the water. Rose petals create a beautiful scene as they float on the ocean current.