San Diego – Sea Burial

San Diego is where we begin the sea burial business over a decade ago. It has steadily grown as more and more people realize how healing the experience can be. We have since included several other cities in our offerings.

San Diego have many locations from which to scatter cremains and we do both attend as well as unattended scattering here.

We have many yachts here which we use regularly – probably  well over a dozen.  San Diego has a population of around 1.4 million, it has large harbor with lots of boating activity. San Diego  is also the principal home of the pacific fleet and has a great deal of military traffic on the bay. the harbor has a due south entry and the entry to the harbor can be a bit rough when we have storms come up from the south.

All our yachts are in excellent condition and offer different amenities depending on the yacht. The larger ones all have catering and full bar service available. The yacht selected for your sea burial event, options selected and sometimes the number of people on board determine price.

Exterior of Catamaran for sea burial
Interior of Catamaran
Ocean Spirit Charter yacht front
Ocean Spirit Charter yacht front