Flowers for Sea Burial

We very much recommend that you have flowers of the sea burial. You should not have a wedding nor funeral without flowers. It is probably even more so of a funeral as they very much lighten the mood. With sea burial the flowers service an integral purpose in allowing all people on the yacht to participate

The type and kind of arrangements depend on the wishes of the family and should reflect the taste of the deceased. As well, all the flower should be 100% biodegradable meaning no wiring, or the green spongy floral foam (Oasis) that flowers are placed in.


Hint: If you have had a service with bouquets of flowers at a church before the sea burial event, feel free to bring the flowers to place in the ocean. However, please remove the individual flowers from the bouquets. Having the bouquets on the yacht and them placing in the water will create a mess.

Wreaths for Sea Burial

The first type of arrangement we should speak of is a wreath. They can come in a variety of colors and flowers selection. When placed in the water they creates a wonderful focal point for viewing. The cremains tend to dissipate quickly, but the wreath will stay intact and float for some time.
Purple wreath for sea burial
Wreath yellow roses for sea burial
Wreath of White Roses for sea burial
Wreath white pink flowers for sea burial
Wreath red rose for sea burial
Sunflower wreath for sea burial

Lei for Sea Burial

Lei for sea burial

The most well know tradition of a Lei is know from Hawaiian culture, there they are presented upon entering or leaving as a symbol or affection.

It is a lovely expression to have at the sea burial event. Leis may be presented to each person on the yacht, the immediate family or just the next of kin.

The leis must of course be held together with a biodegradable string.

Additional Sea Burial Flower Options

Individual flowers are also a great addition to the ceremony. A rose, or really whatever flower you wish, can be give to each of the people on board. At the proper time they are thrown in the ocean. On some of our yacht this is included in the basic fee of the sea burial.

This simple act allows all present to participate and share in the even. It symbolizes a farewell and an opportunity for closure and healing .

Individual flowers for sea burial