Veteran Sea Burial

It is possible to have the navy perform a sea burial for the veteran. This is available for both casket-ed remains as well as cremains (ashes).  This service is performed when the ship is on active duty and family are not present

It is well after the event that the family is notified by the commanding office of the ship that the scattering has taken place. It is at this time they are provided details such as date, time longitude and latitude of the event. 

Veteran Sea Burial - American Flag with Military Ship in background

In addition, the family will also likely miss the presentation of military honors. This is a very import part of a funeral service for a veteran. The flag is folded, taps is played and the folded flag is presented to the next of kin. The military honors are preformed by representatives of the branch of the service in which the veteran served.

Military to Perform Veteran Sea Burial

If your family is planning to use the military option for the veteran sea burial, you should contact the Navy after the death of your loved one. There will need to be coordination with a funeral home to make arrangements. Cremains should be placed in a biodegradable container. Casket-ed remains will need to be embalmed as the time frame for the sea burial many not be in the near future.

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It is so much better to have the family on the yacht for the burial at sea. It is in their best interests to participate in the event. The purpose of a funeral service to facilitate closure and healing and there is no better place than the ocean. It is a magical place and a scattering at sea is very special – but  only if you are there!