Videos for Sea Burial

This family was gracious enough to let us film their sea burial ceremony. Yachts vary depending on the size of the group and city where the scattering is taking place. This video, however, is a typical example of the experience we provide.

It is lovely, wonderfully healing and an opportunity for closure. Catering, full bar, sound system and a visual system is also usually available on our larger yachts if desired.

This is an example of the use of the Biodegradable Turtle. It is by far our most popular they of biodegradable urn. It should be placed gently in the ocean so it will float properly.

Families often decorate the turtle with messages or flowers before releasing to the ocean.

The burial at sea experience and sharing it with the families we assist has been my passion for several years.  Each day, I am able to help families experience of healing and closure through burial at sea as their loved ones ashes are scattered into the ocean.

We service all faiths on our scatterings at sea. In this video, Buddhist monks are in present for the scattering. They often chant for most of the trips duration to the ocean.

On some occasions the family will ash the yacht captain to recite an appropriate poem. This power recitation was given by our captain of a poem from Lord, Alfred Tennyson – Crossing the Bar. He did a GREAT job.